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Transportation and Traffic Engineering / Planning

bullet Traffic signal, roadway lighting, and interconnect design
bullet Signing and striping alignment and design
bullet Design of work area traffic control, staging, and detour plans
bullet Traffic impact studies/analyses and forecast
bullet Bikeway planning and design
bullet Parking analysis and studies
bullet Project study and design reports
bullet Special provisions

Intelligent Transportation Systems

bullet Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) planning, design, plans, special provisions, and estimates
bullet Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
bullet Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and trailblazer signs
bullet Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)
bullet Vehicle detection – video, radar, passive acoustic, loops, etc.
bullet Procurement special provisions
bullet ITS design guidelines and technology evaluations
bullet Communication planning and design – fiber optics, twisted pair, leased, wireless, and infrastructure
bullet TMC, systems planning and design
bullet Project administration and oversight on multi-agency coordination projects

Plan Checking and Consultation

In addition to projects in the ITS and transportation engineering fields, we offer the following services to Cities, agencies, and other consulting firms on a on-call or project-by-project basis:

bullet Technical advisory roles and consultation
bullet Assistance with grant funding applications and budgeting
bullet Plan checking, Special provisions and project oversight
bullet Miscellaneous projects and studies

Energy Efficient Solutions and Studies

bullet LED traffic signal head conversion projects
bullet Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for traffic signals and other devices
bullet Advisory roles for all matters involving LED and energy saving components
bullet Turn-key solutions for LED traffic signal projects, including: energy study, inventory, budgeting, financing, specifications, bid evaluation, procurement, lab testing, installation, and maintenance
bullet LED roadway markers, crosswalks, barrier-lighting, lane-control signals and other signage
bullet Electronic ballast applications for lighting and parking lots
bullet Energy survey of traffic and roadway systems

Construction Inspection and Observation

TES offers construction inspection and administration services, carrying the design process through the construction phase.  These include traffic engineering projects, ITS projects, street improvements and other public works projects.  Some of these projects have intricate Federal and Caltrans process and paperwork requirements associated with the construction grants, which our staff is intimately familiar with:

bullet Resident Engineering
bullet Construction Administration, Supervision, and Inspection on Public Works Projects
bullet Construction Process Compliance Management,especially Caltrans and Federal Funded Projects

Signal Timing and Coordination

bullet Traffic Signal Timing Plans
bullet Corridor and Network Coordination
bullet Time-Space - flow diagrams
bullet Timing Studies
bullet Speed and Delay Studies
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